Koi club talks

I'm not long back from giving a talk at the Dorset Koi Keepers club.. it was part 2 of about my breeding project and brings the club up to date.

And, I've just had an invite to talk at the Crouch Valley club - which I will be visiting in September to run through my breeding project. it will be my first visit to the club, and I very much look forward to meeting the members.

On the home front...

I got home from a long week at work this evening to find the pump on the QT has broken. so, that's a job for tomorrow!

Other news in brief... the other new tank we've placed outside the polytunnel is up an running - with an air uplift system! I will write that pond build up in some detail when I get a chance.

Other news, the ducks are back :-( And, they're scoping out my ponds as a nesting site!

The females have overwintered well. and I'm slowly heating the tank up... breeding will start hopefully in early May. So, just 6 or 7 weeks away!

And, this weekend I need to fit in a load more selections. the growing on tanks are bursting at the seams and we need to reduce the bio load... We'll start with the late summer spawning tank. And then time permitting, we may move onto the other tanks too. That might be a stretch for this weekend though.