kohaku #1 fry - coming on nicely

I've been thinking for the last week or two that there might be a problem in the fry pond, but couldnt find any parasites nor dead fry - which is good news. For once, I may have been worrying when things were actually ok! And, there are lots of fry there - you can still see them across large swathes of the pond. They're growing well and on course for first selection in around a week and a half's time. here are a few pics taken from around the pond this evening

in this picture you can see some of the smallest ones and some middle sized ones; the smallest ones don't tend to swim with the largest ones.....

And a couple of videos of the fry:

Video links, for those that receive the email version:

Video 1

Video 2

Now, in other areas things are more testing. Kohkau #3 spawning went ok, but zero hatchlings. I'll get some advice on what the problem might have been but lingering in my mind is the fact there was no scum on the surface of the water at the end of the spawning....

This leaves me with a fry pond in perfect condition for fry, but still without any hatchlings to put in there. And let me tell you I've really tried!

So, another variation away from the grand plan is required. My current thinking is that I harvest the kohaku #1 fry in a couple of weeks time. Then move the keepers indoors into one of my grow on tanks; empty the fry pond, put a new liner in it and fill it up. then see it with say, 25% of the water from the other fry pond - to try and cycle the fry pond in a week or two rather than 4 weeks.

That could leave me with 2 fry pond ready for hatchlings in the first week of July.

At that point, my brood fish would have had a month off spawnings and I could try both my showa sets again. You never know, if it actually works (when I try them the 3rd time!), then I could have both fry pond filled with showa and harvesting them for first selection around mid august time.

It's the new plan. And how long do you think this new plan will last? If the last 2 months is anything to go by, then not long....