keeping track on a couple of specials...

Measured up a couple of our specials growing on in the females tank last weekend, and here's a short blog update to share their measurement and some pics and video footage.

You'll probably remember this first one, a maruten that measured 35.5cm at the end of April when it made it through tosai selection and was granted a spot to grow on this summer in the females pond. I checked up on a few months ago when it was 40cm. And now, 48cm. I'm hoping this will surpass 50cm before Christmas.

video below:

And this next one... it really stands out from it's siblings in terms of the white and the red, and I identified this koi as tosai in april as a prospect for competing in size 2 at the All England. Hardly fed it this summer, and it still ended up 1 cm too large for the show - so i didn't exhibit it. Instead, it's been growing on in our females tank for the last month and put on 4cm! that's about 1cm per week...

It's growing season in my pond is being cut short, as its been picked up by a keen admirer and is going to a new home to be given some tlc over the winter and beyond.

Video below: