Jumbo Tosai Release this Friday (16th April)

We are pleased to announce our Jumbo Tosai release this Friday, 16th April.

Book in to view!

07801 235952


We are open by appointment. And available this weekend.

Our widest range of Jumbo Tosai varieties to date. With Kohaku, Showa and single colour Chagoi, Karashigoi and Ogons as you'd expect from us. Plus Shusui and a wide range of doitsu metallics and also Kujaku and Matsubas.

Our Jumbo Tosai are the best grade of tosai we release. They are also the largest koi we release at tosai, having been reared in heated tanks over the winter. You can expect these koi to be in the 20cm-30cm range.

Jumbo Tosai are priced at £60 and £95.

We've uploaded a video presenting the stock with some example bowls showing the range of varieties available.


These koi will be available in our sales room, on site.

If you can't visit then please call and we will assist as best we can. We are able to ship to most areas of mainland UK.