Jumbo Tosai Launch Spring 2022

Our new season Jumbo Tosai are being released on site at Adam Byer Koi Farm from first thing tomorrow morning - that's Saturday 2nd April.  Viewings are via appointment, and anticipation has been as high as ever.  We have customer meetings already booked back to back, from early morning until the evening for the next 5 days!

The new launch koi are now in the sales room and have been split by tank into 3 price points.  Most of the koi reside in either the £60 or £120 tank and for the most part, these are 20-25cm and 25cm+ respectively.

You can see half of the koi we are releasing this weekend in this video:


Sizes range up to the early 30's cm, which is great going for a 9 month old koi.  The widest range of these are in Asagi, and the prices for those at 29cm and over are £145.  The same applies for Oakly chagoi, a mixed size sample shown here:

 We took a few stills of smaller groups of the jumbo tosai during the process of moving them into the sale room:

We look forward to seeing those customers already booked in, from tomorrow morning.

Further appointments available from Thursday 7th April.  Contact us if you would like to book in: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/pages/contact-us