'Hey Presto, Showa!' The results...

If you missed the updated on Facebook and also the article in Koi Net, here's an update for you of the results of our 'Hey Presto, Showa!' competition.

It took us 3 years and 5 different brood set combinations before we found a showa pairing that produces really good showa and other utsuri. And , you can see from the results of Hey Presto Showa, that our LMC female is delivering really well. I can also reveal that we ran the same brood pairing in summer 2020, and the output is looking very similar to the previous year so I expect a great batch of tosai into our sales tanks this spring.

Please enjoy reading through the results of the Hey Presto Showa competition. If you are interested in adding Showa to your pond this spring, there are some useful pointers about what to look for in a young Showa from our LMC line by looking at the before and after pictures shown in the results below.