Fry update 2016

A quick update on the fry.

I carried out some maintenance on the fry tanks yesterday. Vacuuming the tank base, and changing around 10% of the water. The fry are looking over crowded in both vats - and I have just one more vat available, which I filled and prepared to take a share of the fry from the most crowded cage net.

I moved across as many as I thought the new cage net should have at it's max, and left the rest where they were.

Tank temperatures have decreased with the cooler and less sunny weather we're experiencing this week. The tanks are sitting between 18 C and 20 C.

Overall, the fry are doing ok I think. They're still alive, and still growing.. albeit, rather slowly. We're keeping up with the brine shrimp, and I've started to move them through the starter fry foods too. About a week ago we added some 0.2-0.3 mm fry food to their diet, and today I've moved them onto 0.3-0.5mm fry food and watched them gobble it up with no problems at all.

Amanda's getting busy with the sewing machine, making up new cage nets in preparation for the weekend... when we'll be clearing out the growing on tanks (some fish will go to the show, the others will be distributed between the males and females tank). I'll give it a strong dose of PP, and once that's cleared, we'll start to use the system to rear the fry. The black tubs are working well for the time being but I can foresee filtration capacity holding us back in the next few days as the fry grow - so the change will help us shoot towards a higher number at first selection.

The latest black tub (the closest one), filled and ready to receive fry.

Here's a video of the fry feeding today - I've just chucked in some brine shrimp and the fry start hunting them down.

click for video link

I'm also draining down the ponds outside; first one empty, and I've started on the second one today.

That's it for now...