Fry harvested!

We spend today harvesting both fry ponds outside, and the good news is... we have a few thousand fry from Elle which is a result I'd have happily taken a couple of months ago. It's enough to see the brood set combo performance, which will give me some intel before I decide on pairings for next year.

In the other fry pond, we found a few fry from the last shiro spawning. Most turned out to look like kohaku's - and there were a few shiros. Perhaps 10. Not a great result... we should have harvested thousands! But casting the mind back to when I moved the hatchlings to the pond - the pond was not in a good state to receive them and it's interesting that I've had any fry grow to a harvestable size.

I will take some pics of the shiro's when I get a chance, but here are a few pics and video from the day.

You might remember some pics from last winter, of us carving out a new bed to run along size the ponds - well, it's in full bloom and looked great today with the sun brining out the colour the flowers so nicely

And, some video of the newly harvested kohaku fry:

Early indication on the fry quality.... the head shapes are interesting in a good way; and different to my other fry. I can see their dad's in the head shape. Looks to be a good proportion of fish with white fins. The aspect that's a more of a concern is the proportion with a white nose- I couldnt see any! And that would be a problem. They're smaller than I would typically review for first selection so we'll grow them on for a few weeks and then have a closer look.

I'm at the All England show tomorrow and I'll let you know how I get on.