Fertilised shiro eggs

Quick update on what's been going on over the last week.

I ran two test spawnings last weekend - trying out a different configuration of spawning tank and egg rearing vat; and several variants of the water to raise the eggs.

The first test spawning was a white out egg wise - eggs were places into 3 separate vessels with different types of water; and all failed. Root cause - I don't think the eggs were fertilised / eggs not viable on release.

The second test spawning was a shiro set that I know produce fertilised eggs and fry - it's the same set that produces the 'loch ness' shiros, and I added an extra omosako male into the mix to make 3 males to the one female. Outcome - the highest egg fertilisation I've ever had.

Check it out - this pic was taken roughly 24 hours after the spawning and I tough to find white eggs (unfertilised). So fertilisation rate very high - the highest I've achieved since starting the project.

Amanda lifted the rope up a few inches to expose the eggs for the picture. At this stage - dead eggs are white. Fertilised eggs are transparent.

Pic taken last night in the same way - raising the spawning brush out of the water by a few inches. the darker ones I think have developing shiro's in them....
And a close up on a small patch of the eggs:

See a few eggs with pairs of eyes ? These are shiro's almost ready to hatch!

I've been out to inspect this evening, and the water still smells fresh in the vat with the developing eggs; no cheesy smells, or vegetably types of smells (really bad news this one) - and this is promising news. And with a visual 24 hrs ago on pairs of eye's in the eggs , I am cautiously optimistic on our chances for a decent batch of hatchlings.

there are lots of eggs with no pairs of eyes, and I guess these have succombed. It's a worry that most are without the pairs of eyes, but to be honest - it's been difficult to do test counts with the water in the vat so green.

I expect more news on this on bank holiday Monday - and the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak.

The other news is that one of the fry ponds outside has finished cycling and is in perfect condition to receive new hatchlings.

All I need now is a batch of hatchlings....

It's been so long since I've seen newly hatched koi fry, and the excitment is building up ...

Temps are lower than I'd like, but just about warm enough I think outside so if we do have a good hatch rate from the shiro's eggs - and a decent number of them - then I'll give them the fry pond.

I'm planning another spawning over the weekend - this time, kohaku.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!