Extra harvest of Asagi/Chagoi fry

We've cleared down 2 of our fry ponds over the last few days and harvested some extra fry which we have now made available to order on the website here:


Delivery days are Thursday and Friday next week (22nd and 23rd September '22).

This is a great mix, with these very popular varieties. As well as Asagi and Chagoi, you can also expect Hi Asagi and Aka matsuba. Around 80% of the mix is made up from the Asagi and Asagi variants.

Asagi fry harvested at Adam Byer Koi Farm

Newly harvested Asagi fry

Harvesting fry pond 5 at Adam Byer Koi Farm.  The picture shows Adam, working inside the drained pond with the fry collected in a small pool of water at the deepest part of the pond 

Here's Adam, working inside the drained pond.  This is the final use of fry pond 5 this season.  Can't believe how fast the season has passed!