Expanding Our Offering: Japanese Koi Arrive, Adding More Choice and Enhancing Customer Experience at Byer Koi Farm!

At Byer Koi Farm, our top priority is always for the health and happiness of our koi, closely followed by our dedication to providing you, our valued customers, with an exceptional experience. We've always strived to offer the best, and we're excited to share some developments with you.

Demand for our koi is on the rise, prompting us to invest in a significant expansion of Byer Koi Farm. This project reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of our offerings and ensuring an exceptional experience for our customers. The new brood stock we acquired last year was just the beginning; it was a strategic move in preparation for a large-scale infrastructure project aimed at providing significantly increased production space. With this expansion, our goal is not only to meet the growing demand for our koi but also to enhance our breeding programmes, offering more competition-grade Kohaku and an even wider range of premium-quality koi varieties to our customers.

We have been working on that project for almost 2 years, and it should have been completed by now.  What we are experiencing is planning laws which are very thorough and important, but taking much longer to navigate through than we expected.  Meaning we are not where we planned to be at this point in the businesses development.

This is really frustrating for us on a personal level, it's held up expanding our breeding programme particularly in Kohaku and also the other high priority varieties we offer; and also because Amanda and I have this vision of what we want to be offering our customers which is competition grade Kohaku's and a wide range of other koi varieties and sizes, all at premium quality.  Our site just isn't large enough to be able to do all these things, and so we are adjusting our approach so we can get closer to our vision, much more quickly, but at our current facilities while we are waiting for the project to expand the farm to come to fruition.

We've taken the decision that during this transition phase, in addition to our breeding programmes, to start stocking Japanese Koi to fill the gaps in varieties we haven't produced this year, which will enable us to offer our customers the widest possible range.  This is an exciting adventure for Amanda and I, as we can start to bring in high quality tosai and nisai from breeders we know and have visited; some of which are well known names - and others, first generation up and coming koi farmers like us, but in Japan and doing a fantastic job.  And some we know that are second or third generation and operating at a high level but under the radar!

This strategic shift enables us to focus our breeding activity on just the varieties we currently have space for, maintaining high quality output, while we transition to new facilities.

One of the catalysts for this change is, the recent setbacks in our Kohaku spawnings last year; all failed.  In addition, we lost Sharkey (our lead Kohaku female) just after I returned from Japan, and despite bringing in another Kohaku female to use - she spawned in quarantine, meaning the eggs were of no use that year. That leaves us with no kohaku tosai to sell this year.  We are very excited to have purchased some quality Kohaku tosai from Marudo, who does Kohaku very well. We've simultaneously addressed the gap in our offering with Sanke from Marudo and Hi Utsuri from Shinoda.

Customer service is very important to us, and this goes further that the way we interface with our customers, it is also rooted in the quality and health of our koi.  Please rest assured the Japanese Koi we sell undergo a thorough quarantine process; bringing them to the same level of health quality as our own koi.  The quarantine process takes at least 6 weeks and can be up to 8 weeks. Only healthy koi that have passed our process are released for sale.

Our initial range of Japanese Koi are available in the sales room right now, and we will start listing some online in this week's online release.

At Byer Koi Farm, we believe in offering fair pricing for all our koi, whether they're Japanese or our own. Our pricing structure ensures that everyone can find high-quality koi that fit their budget. We strive to provide a range of sizes and ages to cater to diverse preferences. Whether you're looking for top-tier koi for competitions or a more budget-friendly option.  As we work towards that goal, we'll be bringing in more Japanese koi of a high standard throughout this season and beyond.

As part of the current strategy to pause the breeding of some varieties until we expand the farm we will be releasing some of the koi I picked when in Japan last February.  Watch out for those and there are some stunning larger examples that will be made available.

Amanda and I want to thank all our customers for their support and custom. 

Adam and Amanda Byer harvesting a pond
Adam and Amanda Byer
Adam and Amanda Byer, with their family at a koi show and who you'll be seeing even more over through the course of this year and beyond.
Adam and Amanda Byer, with their family who you'll be seeing even more over through the course of this year and beyond.
A range of Marudo tosai kohaku and sanke offered at Adam Byer Koi Farm
Some of the initial range of Marudo Kohaku and Sanke tosai we are offering now.


That's a lot of new stuff to be sharing with you!  Continuing to breed high quality koi, and the new Japanese koi offering too!  Even more reasons to visit us this year, or order koi from us online here:

All our premium individual koi, including Japanese koi: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/koi-for-sale

Japanese koi:https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/japanese-koi

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or requests.

Adam Byer