Exciting Oakly Fry Opportunity - Limited Availability

We hope this message finds you well. It's been two years since we introduced our exceptional Oakly line, and we are thrilled to bring you an update on the latest offering from Byer Koi Farm. We have once again harvested a remarkable batch of Oakly fry, and we're delighted to extend this special opportunity to our loyal customers.

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting this moment and for newcomers to our waiting list, we are proud to announce the availability of hand-selected Oakly fry, carefully bred from our magnificent 105cm chagoi female, Oakly.

Oakly remains a prized gem in our collection, and her offspring continue to exceed our expectations in terms of color and skin quality. These fry are the result of our commitment to infusing the very best Japanese koi genetics into our breeding efforts here in the UK for your benefit.

It's been 2 years since she last spawned, and the most exciting part of this year's harvest is that we have harvested a substantial volume of fry.

As a special offer, we are once again providing hand-selected Oakly fry in limited quantities, ensuring the utmost quality in terms of color and genetics. These hand-picked Chagoi fry will be selected from the largest 1/4 of the spawning and offered to you in a variety of typical chagoi colors. Here are the pricing options:

25 Oakly fry for £50
50 Oakly fry for £100
To place your order, please use the following link:


Several baby chagoi koi fry in a white net

(stock photo from the last release of specially selected Oakly fry)

Delivery date options are; Wednesday 1st November, or Friday 3rd November.  Choose the desired day when you check out.
Any Oakly fry not shipped during this period will be grown on here at Byer Koi Farm.

It's important to note that these are exclusive fry from the premium end of the spawning and are meant for hobbyists to enjoy. We will not be selling this level of fry in commercial quantities. Additionally, these hand-selected Oakly fry will be the only fry sold from the Oakly spawning this year, and will only be available through these special batches.

This is a unique opportunity to start with top-quality fry from our exceptional female parent koi, Oakly. While these fry are still very young and small, our hand-selection process ensures that you receive the best possible chance for success. Please expect these fry to be approximately an inch long.

We will supply orders directly from our growing on systems, which are heated.  So to be able to receive the fry, you will need to provide them with a heated tank.

For those that can take these fry, it's a wonderful opportunity to grow on HQ koi farm grade chagoi.