Enjoying 2 ponds that have worked really well :-)

This weekend we will be fully harvesting and draining both fry ponds, and making them ready for our mid summer spawnings.

It took me until the end of my 4th summer season to reach a situation where both ponds performed well, at the same time.

And, with my first effort in my 5th season this year - we've achieved the same again in quick succession

We have been enjoying watching the fish grow, and just seeing decent numbers in both ponds has been very reassuring. I dont want it to end!

And it's something to savour and enjoy in the context of how difficult I've found it to achieve.

As the fish grow, space decreases and selections are now due.

So harvesting and draining the ponds is going to be bitter sweet this weekend. It's the end of a successful period. And, I guess the beginning of a new one.

Lets just hope there are some decent kohaku amongst the fry!

Here's some video shot over the week, savouring the scene.