Easter weekend selections

I planned to perform final selections on last years keepers in May, but it's become obvious that space is running out in the growing on tanks and the fish are producing more waste than the filtration can handle well.

I think the best fish are being held back.

Once the penny dropped, I planned in an Easter weekend selection - which I am half way through.

We have the July 14 keepers to go through this afternoon:

Jul 14 spawning - before Easter weekend selections

And on Friday we went through the May 14 keepers. These are the two largest ones I've hung onto:

39cm on 3/4/15

41cm on 3/4/15

Here's a video of the May 14 keepers before selection (the 4 nissai males are still in the tank - 2 x kohaku and 2 x shiro):

video clip

And after the selection (the 4 nissai males are still in the tank - 2 x kohaku, although these do not appear in the video clip. the 2 x shiro make an appearance):

video clip

Looks much better now - I could have thinned it out a bit more, but even to reach this level I've selected out some fish that I had in mind to grow on.

Unfortunately, secondary hi has struck on a few - including 3 kohaku's that I planned to take to shows this year! Typical! I'm hanging onto those for now to see how they go over this next growing stint.

I have a few more pictures which I'll share on another blog post.

Here's my plan for the Easter weekend, laid out on our kitchen whiteboard.

It's midday on Sunday, and I need to crack on with Jul 14 keeper tank selections. I'll try and get some pictures of the best few before it gets dark tonight.