Easter weekend 2022 update

The koi club visits have been coming thick and fast this month, with Crouch Valley Koi Club being the most recent to visit over the bank holiday weekend.  They are one of the longest standing koi clubs, and one I have been invited to a few times to give talks.

And they certainly enjoyed their trip to us, with members picking up a very wide range of koi including shusui, asagi and doitsu ochiba, platinum ogon and mukashi to name just a few!  The Value Tosai offering also going down well too with some LMC and MGS showa's being picked up as well as our Shiro Utsuri's too.

Here are a few pictures from their visit:

Some of the members of Crouch Valley Koi Club standing around a tank and viewing koi, and enjoying their visit to Adam Byer Koi Farm
Some of the members of Crouch Valley Koi Club standing around our tank of Value Tosai and viewing those koi
Amanda Byer clearing out a cage net full of tosai koi
A range of jumbo tosai koi in a cage net at Adam Byer Koi Farm

With an April packed with customer visits, the dairy is starting to open up which gives Amanda and I time to catch up on our very long to do list!  Including spawning preparations, preparing the next batch of tosai for release, loading new koi onto the website, and we still have fry pond repairs to complete too.

We recently hosted Liam from World Of Nishikigoi (https://www.worldofnishikigoi.com) for our final tosai selections.  This is the process where we select which of our tosai (one summer old koi) we will keep at the farm for another summer of growth.  The whole process took 3 days, spread over the last month.  Keep an eye on Liam's 'World Of Nishikigoi' site for some special material about our farm from his time with us.

As a prelude, here are some iPhone pictures I took on the last day which show some of the kujaku we are taking to nisai and a pretty shiro utsuri which may help to explain our high level of excitement from that spawning too. 

A small number of very high quality examples of Kujaku tosai that are being grown on for a second summer at Adam Byer Koi Farm
A single very high quality Shiro Utsuri with checkerboard pattern being grown on for a second summer at Adam Byer Koi Farm

Nisai harvests are scheduled for September 2022.

Finally, a sneaky peak on the new tosai stock we are bringing through to the sales room in a few weeks time.  Varieties including Kujaku, Gin Matsuba and Kin Matuba, Yamabuki Ogon, Showa from our LMC line including all 3 types of Showa (Hi Showa, Kindai Showa and Traditional Showa) and Shiro Utsuri from our new Omosako based line.

Hundreds of tosai koi of different varieties and colours, in one pond and shoaling near the surface.
There are hundreds to choose from, and we look forward to updating you on these koi soon.
In the meanwhile, we are now working on listing some of the tosai from our MGS Showa line, Oakly Chagoi, Doitsu Chagoi, Doitsu Karashigoi, Asagi and a few others too, onto the website on the individual koi for sale page.  We updated the page with 20 new tosai earlier this week.  And expect more over the next week or so.