Digging starts!

The build breaks down into two sections. There's the polytunnel area for the filtered ponds, and then the fry pond area.

Flat and compacted, this patch of ground is ready for the polytunnel

An emerging fry pond. It will end up 12m wide and around 25m long.

My koi are residing in a temporary pond, and the warmer weather over the last few days has started the spring cycle - water temps are rising, the koi are becoming more active and toxic ammonia is on the up. The biological filtration is yet to catch up and here's the result:

Here's the reading from my seneye

The weather is taking a turn for the worse which will knock back the polytunnel build. With the koi likely to stay in their temporary home a week or two longer than I expected, I've started 10% daily water changes, and I'll beef up the filtration this weekend with some additional mature biological media. And that should do it.

Happy koi keeping