Digging - Day 4

The first fry pond is starting to take shape, and I've been able to get an idea of the scale of it now - it's going to be 12m wide and 25m long, and it's looking good.

The soil under the digger is still to be removed, to square up the "L" shape into the final rectangle format.

Mark Davis is sculpting the landscape in the digger, and found this horse shoe - perhaps this will be the lucky pond!

Is it a sign that this will be a lucky fry pond?

It's stopped raining!
The ground slopes through our plot, so Mark uses the white pole and known levels at two fixed points to help dig the pond level

Lee Burroughs was able to lend a hand today; preparing the ground for the polytunnel feet.

There's too much rain, so work is held until next week when we are hoping for dry conditions.

On the koi front, I've taken the temperature down by a degree in their temporary tank and maintained the 10% per day water changes. Ammonia is high but stable, and I've been observing the koi which are behaving normally.

The polytunnel delay means I'm going to be delayed by a week or two getting the fish set up in their main pond. So, I'm thinking about beefing up the temporary set up and use it to condition the females for breeding; it's not ideal, but on the plus side, it means one less pond move for the females. It's going to depend on the weather over the next week.

Happy koi keeping