Decision made. Fry pond drained

We've drained one of the fry ponds - the top pond where we could see woefully few fry.

Once drained, we found around 2k fry in the drainage sink ! A lot more than I expected to still be in the pond but no where near enough to make the decision to drain the pond seem like the incorrect one.

Amanda's been moving the fry from the drainage sink to the other fry pond today and over the weekend we will neutralise any remaining puddles in the drained pond and then start refilling... that may give us one more shot at a decent harvest from it...

We still have quite a few thousands of fry from the sharkey's spawning in the tubs in the Polytunnel . They've grown a bit and we will split those - roughly half going outside into the bottom fry pond, and we will continue with the other half indoors.

We've never topped up an outdoor pond with additional fry a few weeks after depositing a batch there; so will be interesting to see how this works out.

Plan this weekend is still to run the new 3 step and we still have 'Monster Chops' our shiro female waiting in wings if we need her. If we can't complete the spawning prep in time we will delay things but I am hopeful.