Customer Ponds: Alistair's Prize-Winning Koi Pond

We’re starting a series of blogs about customer ponds where the customer has chosen Adam Byer Koi Farm to be their main supplier of koi; with either the whole collection, or a majority of their koi collection supplied by us. In some cases we have also helped with the pond and filtration design too.

For the first article we have a very special pond! The build and design is Alistair’s work, and our contribution has been supplying the koi collection.

Alistair’s pond is so enchanting that it has captured the attention of the local koi community and beyond. Built by Alistair, a man with a passion for pushing into new areas of design and application. He combines a brain made for problem solving, with a science background and some very special making skills, to design and build a remarkable pond that has recently been honored by Koi Organisation International with the prestigious "International Pond of the Year" award.

Alistair's full 19 page write up, can be found on Koi Organisation International’s website, here:

This full write up contains a significant amount of detail and will be of interest for anyone thinking of designing or building a koi pond.

The unique pond cover which can be raised and lowered with a re-purposed hydraulic car lift will catch most people’s attention.

And from the foundation to the finishing touches, every element of Alistair's pond reflects his commitment to sustainability, functionality, and beauty. Alistair spared no detail, opting for locally sourced materials where possible that harmonised with the look and feel of his Scottish surroundings.

Alistair's koi pond build is nothing short of remarkable. From being the longest-serving member of the Scottish Koi Club without a pond to call his own, he has now surely become the envy of many with his prize-winning aquatic masterpiece.

We are grateful that Alistair's quest for the perfect koi to fill his special pond led him to us. Alistair calls his collection of koi ‘the main attraction’. It’s been fascinating to watch Alistair make his selections, and name all the koi too. Many decisions being made by a family vote!

From the striking "Silver Fox" to the graceful "Angel," these koi have been carefully selected. There’s a whole section in Alistair's full write up just about the koi collection. Each koi is named, and with a description of the koi and it’s character!.

Alistair Marks' koi collection from Adam Byer Koi Farm, in his prize-winning pond

Here's an extract from Alistair's article where he describes each koi... relating back to the numbered picture above.  I'll pick out a few of his descriptions to give you an idea:

3. "Phannie" a Kuhaku. He has beni, on almost half of his face making him look like the Phantom of the Opera

7. "Comet" a Kosui with his back like a comet's trail

8. "Ochi" a doitsu Ochiba. A new but bold fish gaining in confidence

For the full list of descriptions, please read Alistair's article via the links above.

Alistair's journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the fulfillment that comes from pursuing one's passion. For such a special pond to be filled with our koi is obviously a proud moment for us too.