Choice picks from Value Tosai Koi For Sale (12/5/22)

This week we've bowled up 5 koi from the Value Tosai, all priced at just £45.

It's fascinating to see the changes in these koi even since they were listed for sale online around 6 weeks ago.  Each of these koi has sumi developing in a really promising way, and are great prospects for growing on.

The Value Tosai offering at Byer Koi Farm is to provide our customers with some quality grow on prospects, at a value price point.

For commentary on each of these koi, please watch the video:


And, these are the koi as pictured 6 weeks ago; pics taken from the koi for sale page here:

Search on Value Tosai, and then by variety.

Three very different style of showa.  There's the 2/3 step beni pattern one on the left, with emerging sumi (  The showa in the middle picture has very strong sumi and an imposing sumi patter (  And the showa on the right hand sidehas an open pattern balancing off the sumi, shiroji and beni (  All three make interesting showas, just in different ways.

The two shiro utsuri's profiled are also progressing well and the pictures don't really do these koi justice.  The video shows how they look today and might provide a better visual read on these two prospects.

On the left:

On the right:

 The changes from the pictures taken 6 weeks ago to the video taken today show the potential in these lines, and some areas for enjoyment to be had from your koi keeping.