Celebrate This May Bank Holiday Weekend with Us! Online Release - New Kohaku Sanke and Showa - Bundle Deals Too!

We have a fantastic lineup of new koi and incredible bundle deals waiting for you this bank holiday weekend !

Special Offer: Spend £150 or More and Choose a Free Gift!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new Nisai Showa and Sanke, as well as Tosai Kohaku. Plus, tonight at 20:00, we're releasing 11 Marusei Nisai Showa and Sanke online. These stunning koi, ranging from 36cm to 45cm, start at £195.

From 8pm tonight night (24th May), you can view all the new koi on our individual premium koi for sale page, here:


The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

Sneak Peek:

Here's a preview bowl of the Nisai:


These bright and impactful Showa and Sanke start from £195, and are between 36cm and 45cm.

In store, we have 50 new Tosai Kohaku from Genjiro. Having trained at Dianichi and using Dianichi Kohaku for his Oyagoi, these Tosai are very good quality. Priced at just £75 each, they range from 15cm to 20cm. While we work on cataloguing them for online release, they are available in-store right now!

Special Weekend Hours: We’re open from 10am to 5pm every day this May Bank Holiday weekend!

Exclusive In-Store Promotion: Spend £150 or more on koi and choose one of the following gifts as our way of saying thank you:

  • EA Pond Bomb
  • EA Treats (Shrimp)
  • EA Treats (Silkworm)
  • EA 500ml Pond Balls

We can’t wait to see you!

In addition to our diverse range of koi, we also stock a comprehensive selection of pond supplies, including the EA range, our own food line, and the premium Saki Hikari food range.

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Join us this weekend and take advantage of our special deals and promotions. We look forward to celebrating with you!