Catalogue of tosai from May 16 spawning

Last weekend we went through both of the growing on tanks holding koi from the early/mid summer spawnings. Up to now we've grown on the fish from each spawning in their own tank, but it's become apparent that some are growing faster than others and so we've amalgamated the spawnings and then separated them by size. the larger ones all going into one tank, and the smaller ones into the other tank. my thinking here is to even out competition for food so that each fish has the best chance of growing well.

it does mean that I lose an easy way to reference which spawning each fish came from. there are a few favourites where I will always know the origin - but the lessons from previous years is that often the best fish in a year's time might be off my radar right now... and when something like that comes through the ranks, I'll need a reference guide to tell which spawning it came from.

so last weekend we caught up each spawning and took identification photos of all the fish from that tank, i.e. that spawning. these photos are for identification only. then we proceeded to move anything from around 25cm upwards into the larger tank, and the others into the smaller tank.

here are the identification photos.

starting with the fish from the may 16 spawning (the brood set that's produced all my baby champs so far.... and the spawning we had to raise indoors when the ponds outside went pear shaped at exactly the wrong time. you remember the drama.... )

there are some benigoi in here, which I think were originally from the june 'sharkey' spawning. other than that, the rest are from may 16 spawning.

And, here's some video of them all just after seine netting:

click - video link

In the next post, I'll catalogue the koi from the other spawning.