Case Study #6

I had another trawl through the hard disk this evening, and found 70 more pics taken at various points during the last year and a half of fish I still have. The first one I'm laying out from these newly found pics is a 2 step that draws lots of attention each time I post updates of it on Facebook, and also at the club talks I gave last year. But it's not performed at the koi show... I took this kohaku to one show last year - the South of England koi show back in June '15 and it didn't place in size 3 kohaku.

It's from the May 14 spawning, and I recently sexed this koi as female - which I'm really happy about.

I've laid the history out in pics and video, starting with the earliest pic I can find which is when the kohaku was 6 months old:

15th November 2014
23rd Jan '15
It was at this time when one of the most notable features of this koi developed, and that's the particularly deep red. I have a video of it from that day too, here:

click for video

At this point in 2015, most of the koi from this spawning were looking pretty ropey - from memory, it was conditions in the tank; elevated ammonia, or possibly recovery from parasites or something like that. And you can see the effect in the skin condition with the skin looking more yellowy than normal. you can see the same effect at roughly the same point in history in my other case studies of the May 14 spawning.

And, finally the most recent picture from the weekend 21/22 November '15 when it measured in at 45cm. The body is filling out and we took some video that weekend too, which you can see here:

And, a click through link to the video here: video link

A few weekends later, and I bowled this koi when some friends were over... which is when I was able to sex the koi as female.

Out of all the koi I'm currently growing on, this ranks as one that doesn't seem to have changed much since it was 6 months old. This makes it one of the koi I am most interested to see develop over the next 2 years - and it's the skin that I'm watching with particular interest... will the skin improve? And, will the red colour remain looking good?