Case study #11

The last case study (#10) was of the largest koi in the July 14 spawning, and this case study is of one of the smallest.

Knicknamed "Bubbles" because of the 3 bubble shaped hi patches starting on the nose and continuing along the body in between the larger hi patches - I think it resembles bubbles blowing away in the wind < crickey, I'm losing the plot talking like this! >

Anyway, you get the gist - and despite it's small size, I've always taken it through each selection because the pattern looked interesting and the red and white colours looked thick and lustrous.

A year an a half after the spawning, this koi is still small compared to it's peers..... BUT.... at around 40cm, it's getting to a size where it's large enough to spot in the pond far more readily and because of that - its literally more noticed! So I find I'm starting to enjoy it more too.

It's the usual set of pictures and video to follow:

By good fortune, I found the above pic, taken on 18th October 2014; which from memory, would have been the second, or maybe third selection. very early on that's for sure, and 'Bubbles' was probably only 2 to 3 inches long in the above picture. (it's the one at the top)

This is from 16th January 2015

It's starting to fill out a bit by 5th April 2015, when this picture was taken.

This is a picture from the All England show, when it measured 34cm. I think it was one of my best chances of an award at the show, but drew a blank. It's a very competitive show!

The pattern seems to have remained stable - no obvious expansions or contractions in the hi. Just slow, but steady growth.

On 22nd November, it measured 40cm; and a few weeks later I had it out in the bowl once again and have been able to sex this koi as male.

The koi is a bit on the small size, as previously mentioned; but, I'm happy with the white and the red, and the pattern often draws positive comments from people that have seen this koi. An interesting one to watch over the winter - and what I'm hoping for with this one (and please understand - this is blind hope!), a little more body, and the skin to develop; and if it can stay under 45cm, it might be an interesting one to exhibit next year.

To finish off, I have some video too from 22nd November '15:

click for video link