Busy weekend

I'm pushing things forward on a few fronts. We had a man with a digger come over to extend the waste water pool that takes the waste water from the tanks in the polytunnel and allows it to soak away. It's become a bit of a pond in it's own right, because the water hasnt been soaking away fast enough. The extension should help us with that.

I bought some new netting to go over both fry ponds - a 50mm mesh. I was using netting given to me as hand me downs last year to help cut costs, but the mesh size was too large and although it did stop herons, it didnt stop ducks and moorhens - and those guys are responsible for ripping the liner in a few places. So I bit the bullet and bought new ones. I had some of the 50mm mesh from last year and we started with that and extended it to cover the first of the two fry ponds. Then, fitted a new liner and started the pond filling.

digging out the waste water pond extension

the end result

new net, new liner and started filling it today.

ok, on a bit of a tangent - some new additions picked up this afternoon.