BKKS National Koi Show 2022

It's the BKKS National Koi Show this weekend, and today we travelled to the show ground near Coventry to set up the stand.

Usually, it's one of or both daughters that help us out.  But our son Solomon does help when asked, and he's recently completed his GCSE's and has plenty of spare time right now!  So, I had a father and son trip out today with the end result, our erected stand all ready to see customers at the show this weekend.

We travel to the show each day to man the stand, which also gives us time in the early mornings and evenings for koi farming.  Tonight, we were on net mending duties as fry pond 3 is getting hammered by a persistent moorhen and this is a bit frustrating because the pond is ready for harvest but we are not going to have time until early next week after the show to make it happen.

We did catch this great sky tonight, followed by a double rainbow.

Moody evening sky over fry pond 5 at Adam Byer Koi Farm in Hertfordshire

Spending more time outdoors is one of the aspects of running the koi farm that I enjoy the most.  And, on night's like tonight, it's easy to see why.