BKKS National Koi Show 2019

Last weekend’s BKKS National Koi Show was very well organised, drew a large number of visitors and.. had a great buzz. The exhibitors pulled out all the stops with the koi they brought to the show making this another top notch koi show with tough competition throughout the show classes. Huge congratulations to all involved for putting on such a great show.

This was also the first time we have taken a trade stand at this show, and it was good fun showing off a range of the koi that we can produce and meeting existing customers and also many new customers who are joining the ever growing group of people with an Adam Byer Koi in their ponds.

There were several Adam Byer Koi exhibited by our customers in the show itself, and Paul Tinker won a 3rd place in size 1 kohaku out of 7 koi with this super 2 step from our 2018 Lava Rosa spawning. Competition was extremely tough, and all placings are hard won particularly at the BKKS National. And, this is the first show award from that particular brood line which is extremely pleasing, and being such a young koi… it has a great future too.

The other result was a bit of a surprise.. because it was with one of our Mukashi Ogons. These Ogons have become much loved in a very short space of time… not only by ourselves, but also our customers. The kind of feedback we regularly get from our customers on these koi is… ‘ I took it home and it was on the food in minutes’, and the other message that we keep getting is, ‘ it fights off the larger koi to get to the food first!’. So… they are going really well but from a show perspective, they don’t fit well into any of the metallic show classes which makes them uncompetitive against either single colour metallic in the hikari muji show variety group, or patterned metallic koi in the hikari moyo show variety group. So, it was with much surprise that Andy Finch placed 2nd out of 9 koi in size 2 hikari muji… which is the show class for single coloured metallic koi. A really excellent result with Andy’s koi of just 11 months old! And backs up the confidence that we and our customers have been taking from our 2018 Mukashi Ogon spawning which was the one behind our ‘shooting stars’ event last autumn. We will be re-running that spawning this year…

We are very pleased with the repeated success our koi are achieving on the show circuit, and with our expanded facilities this year, we hope to be able to support our customers to be even more competitive next year.

The next few weeks back at base remain busy, with us filling the last 3 ponds with fry… We have kohaku hatchlings and a small sample of showa hatchlings for two of those ponds , and they will be going out this week. For the final pond, we’ll need to run another spawning and that will fall to this weekend.