Big day tomorrow

We've been waiting for "Chestnut" fry pond to start cycling through the green stage and for the weather to warm up a bit - and now it has, tomorrow I will be spawning my koi for the first time. Very excited about that, and I'm still working through the parent options and will probably decide in the morning. I'm favoring going with kohaku set first.

Horseshoe pond is now full too, and a week behind Chestnut pond. I've fertilised the pond to help give it kick start and will go with a second spawning this weekend in the hope that the pond will be ready to receive hatchlings the following weekend.

Here are some pics of us completing horseshoe pond
Silage liner rolled out and ready to be cut

Cutting the liner to size is always a bit nervy
That's about as good as we could get it, and so we started filling it

Partly full now. We're using bricks every meter or so around the perimeter to hold the liner down

We've strapped netting over the top to stop herons and ducks. Small ducks seem to be getting through though