Best in size 3, overall.

We've just been notified of another stand out achievement from an Adam Byer Koi this summer; this time by Paul Minter who won best in size 3 overall at the 2019 Crouch Valley Koi Show, with his Kohaku from our 2017 Lava Rosa spawning. Originally purchased from us at aka nisai by Tony Thompson, and subsequently sold to Paul... who took this koi on and has done brilliantly with it, achieving a fantastic result at this very competitive koi show.
First pic provided by Paul, and the other is a stock picture we have of this koi as a 16 month old aka nisai.
A slightly belated piece of news from the summer... but.. well worth the wait!

Young champion is awarded from the best in size 3, and the best in size 4. So, once again, our kohaku was very close to winning a major... Bodes well for our Lava Rosa line.

Other news... Our 'Hey Presto, Showa!' event went very well last weekend, and deserves a full write up... Which I will get to later this week.