Before and after - Examples

I've delved into the picture files to pull out some early pics of some of the kohaku's I'm still growing on now. I wanted to see whether they've developed in the way I hoped, or not - and there are some in both camps. I'll spread this feature out over a few blog updates, and here are the first few examples.

Example 1:

The "before" pic - at second selection; this must have been around 6cm at this point. I remember the white shone, but considered not taking it through because there was too little red on the back half..

Here's the same fish at a subsequent selection - it's around 15cm at this point
Measured on the 15th November at 26cm. The white still looking good, and still not enough red on the rear half! I'm really happy with the body on this one and that's what led me to keep it originally. You can't been a good body, and lets just hope those small patches of red on the rear half continue to establish themselves. Check out how the first 3 patches of hi have changed since that original picture; the first and second have joined, and the gap between the second and third has narrowed.
Example 2:

At second selection, I remember this was one of the larger ones. Perhaps 7cm. Note there is a distinct gap between the front and rear hi plates
Same fish, on the All England Show weekend at the end of September. The hi plates have now joined up, and the small red mark on the nose has become a feature. I think the koi would look more balanced without it - but there you go.

Measured on 15th November at 25cm. Pattern edges tightening up nicely, and body developing nicely too

Example 3:

I can't conclusively identify this tancho from the others in the 5-7cm pics, and the tancho is round 10cm at this point.

This is the same tancho now, and measured in at 25cm on 15th November. Edges of the tancho marking are becoming more refined, and I can report that the red on the head appears less thick than on my other tancho's. I have no idea whether that's a good thing or bad thing at this stage. We'll find out in a few months. This tancho has the roundest shaped tancho marking though.
I have a few more examples lined up for my next blog.