Before and after

It's been a long day, but mission accomplished!

I emptied most of the pond yesterday and finished off this morning. The koi spent the night in their temporary home and they seemed fine today. I set up a makeshift biological filter system in following the same approach I used after my house move (see the article here: )

I've cleared the area where the polytunnel is going to fit and many thanks to Craig and Danny Emery for helping today.

It's been a long weekend of hard graft, and after the tunnel goes up this week, I've got it all to do again just in reverse. But I'll finally have a permanent set up for my koi which means I can configure the pond and filtration for the long term.

Here are some before and after shots so you can see why I'm sitting here cream crackered.

Filtration system



Aquosis tank



Sledging the tank on a sheet of polycarbonate, to protect the material


And finally, the area completely clear and ready for the digger.

Happy koi keeping