Awards won at the 2017 Kangei Koi Club Garden Show

Results are in from the 2017 Kangei Koi Club Garden Show and 4 of our kohaku’s were exhibited by customers; as it happens, they were 4 separate customers, and all 4 won competitive placings.

As you know , we no longer exhibit ourselves having moved out of the hobbyist bracket and results like these achieved by our customers are brilliant news and helps to maintain our presence on the show scene and in the case of these koi - the results are achieved with koi purchased from us as either small koi or kohaku’s released at tosai. In other words , they are very affordable koi - picked well, and 2 have been grown by their owners for 2 years before placing in the show.
2 of them placed in best in size , 1 placed in a very competitive size 5 kohaku class . And the other one placed competitively for the second time in consecutive years - a koi bought at just a few inches long , placed in best in size 1 overall last year and then 3rd in size 2 kohaku this year (out of 4 koi). A ‘bonsai’ koi for sure , but plenty to appreciate about it - particularly the skin. I helped out on the benching team when this koi was benched into the show and the skin was impressive. A super achievement by Nik Holtom to keep the koi is such great shape. And placing 3rd in size 2 kohaku is a great achievement - especially when you consider it was right at the bottom of the size band - just a few mm’s into size 2.

Here’s a little more detail on the others, continuing to work through them from the smallest upwards.
Next up is Matt Nichols’ size 1 kohaku that placed 1st in size 1 kohaku out of 4 koi and also 3rd in size 1 overall which was out of 9 koi. This koi is also a slow grower, bought for its quality and ability to compete well in the small sizes... which it has done.
Trevor Cleaver got in there with a size 2 kohaku - this one is from a very late spawning in 2016 and was one of the largest from the spawning when purchased by Trevor early in the summer . he picked it up in the middle of size 2 earlier in the summer and grew it to the upper end of size 2 , which is when he entered it into the show. The koi placed 2nd in size 2 kohaku out of 4 koi and 2nd in size 2 overall (!) out of 15 koi. This is a fabulous achievement , and as the breeder of this Koi, I’m particularly happy with the way Trevor has brought on the body on it.
Finally, there’s Andy Corrie’s male kohaku that he purchased from us as a large tosai back in spring 2015 - when it was around the middle of size 3. It’s from the May 2014 spawning. He’s grown it to 56cm when he entered it into the garden show this year - which is just 1 cm off the bottom end of the size band for size 5. And it placed 3rd out of 7 koi in size 5 kohaku - which is a great result considering its small size for the size band and also the level of competition it was up against.