August update

Over the last two weeks, we have:

- harvested 2 ponds of sharkey and 2 ponds of lava rosa fry
- selected through all of those kohaku... apart from around half a pond's worth
- ran several spawnings, including a re-run of the karashigoi and Ogon spawnings from June.

A brief update on the spawning activity. We ran the Shiro utsuri and she spawned well but the eggs were not viable. I broke the news to my youngest daughter who was so interested in us spawning the shiro, and she took it in her stride. We will have another go next summer, and at that point she will have been in my care for over a year and we will be able to rear a new and fresh batch of eggs which are likely to be viable.

The showa fry have been put out into the fry pond and are growing well. Same with the Kujaku. After the harvests, we also spent time re-cycling the ponds for another use and running more spawnings to create hatchlings to put in them! If the summer holds out for long enough , we will be able to have a second go with 1, 2... perhaps 3 of our fry ponds.

Last week, I did run the kohaku spawning that I had in mind when I wrote my July update. For those that have visited and seen her - it's the new Okawa kohaku female. She is a stunner, and frustratingly spawned during quarantine back in March! it's taken the summer for her to develop another batch of eggs, and she produced a great batch. The spawning went well and we currently have around a pond's worth of new hatchlings from her.

And this week I ran our final spawnings. I have 3 Ogon females. My primary one.. we spawned her early June, and lost the eggs and since then I've been trying to spawn the other two - without success. So this week I had a second go with our primary female and she spawned! And, as I write this blog post, the eggs are 36 hrs old and developing nicely.

It's a re-run of last year's very successful Ogon spawning and lets see how it pans out. This week I also spawned my karashigoi female for the second time this year. And, those eggs are just hatching and I will know in the next couple of days where we stand with that spawning. There is also another small showa spawning that I ran along side the kohaku one.. and we have hatchlings, and just waiting to see what the % showa is among them.

So, the next week or two will be important in terms of rearing single coloured koi - metallic and non-metallic. And, amazingly... second selection on the early kohaku harvests is not that long away!

We have some good news from the recent Crouch Valley Koi Show too.. with 3 customers winning some great awards with their Adam Byer Koi. More on that, next time.