Are they shusui or kohaku?

Report on the spawnings from a couple of weeks ago.

There were 3 spawnings:
1 x showa, 1 x kohaku, 1 x shusui

All 3 spawned. Particularly happy the showa spawned - as it was my 5th go with that female. I've put so much effort into getting her to spawn that it was actually quite an emotional moment when it finally happened. But, like last year it was a difficult spawning for her, and not many eggs - and far fewer than you'd expect from a near 80cm koi. It's taken the showa female a couple of weeks to perk up post spawning, and all the fish are fully recovered.

Scores on the doors:

I split the eggs from each spawning. Half stayed in the spawning vat in the polytunnel, and the other half went straight into the fry pond outside. Shusui and kohaku eggs into one pond, and showa into the other.

I lost all the eggs in the polytunnel. With the shusui - I think I over MG'd them. The other two - not sure why.

Perusing the eggs outside one week after spawning - and the spawning ropes were crawling with bugs; daphnia and a whole bunch of other things. Assumed the eggs were lunch for the little critters.

This morning I wandered down to the ponds to check on duck weed. And, I spotted some fry in the pond that took the shusui and kohaku eggs! Not a lot, but walking around the whole pond I spotted the odd fry in the margins on 3 of the 4 sides and there was one group of quite a few.

These are two weeks old.

The big question is of course - are they shusui, or kohaku? or some of both? And, how many are there?

Cant see any fry in the other fry pond - the one where I put the showa eggs....

Work has become particularly busy. Our family summer holiday has been cancelled, and I'm having to prioritise non-work stuff pretty hard. With adult fish movements recently as I brought in additional males for my final spawning flurry - I've taken all the fish through a full set of parasite treatments for the most common parasites; I just can't afford any issues with the fish right now. All the adult fish, and kohaku's growing on are in good health, feeding and growing.

I still have all my adult fish in the males pond. It's ridiculously overstocked. Filtration is coping fine though, and the fish are actually doing quite well. Must get the females pond back into action as soon as possible though....