Another spawning this morning.

Checked on the shiro's this morning at 6am and spawning is well under way. It's 7am now and the female is starting to look a little tired so keeping a close eye on here over the next few hours.
The female is from Udera, spawned herself from Omosako parents. One of the males is from Omosako and the other is my All England Show 2012 prize winner.

I have two fry ponds and there's only space for one spawning per pond - so the sets I chose to go with now also relegate my other sets at best to a late summer spawning using the fry pond for a second time. I'm still keen to have a go with my kujaku, yamabuki's and shusui but after pondering for an hour last night, decided to give the shiro's a go this month.
The kohaku fry that from last weekend's spawning are starting to become free swimming, with tantilising glimpses of a few swimming around yesterday:
Just keeping my fingers crossed a decent number make it to the free swimming stage.