Announcing 'Clash Of The Titans' Grow and Show 2020 @ Byer Koi Farm

It gives us great pleasure to announce our autumn 2020 grow and show event! We hope this event will provide:

* Some winter fun! and

* Access to better quality koi early that we’d otherwise grow on and release in the spring; and

* Answer important koi questions debated amongst koi keepers for decades like:

-What’s the fastest growing koi… a Chagoi, Ogon or Benigoi? and

-What’s the friendliest koi?

We are pleased to be able to provide further information below and also details on how to register.


With interest in a grow and show with Trudy Benigoi’s growing…we decided to use them for our autumn grow and show event and also add further interest by including the other 2 major single coloured varieties so entrants obtain get a 3 koi ‘Clash Of The Titans’ team of Chagoi, Ogon and Benigoi…

Basic premise is -> You take the koi this autumn, grow them on for a year, then measure them and provide a video of them feeding that we’ll use to award prizes.

The growth awarding will be run similar to our Shooting Stars G&S from 2018, with the largest koi after a year winning the award.

We’re augmenting that with an important extra award for ‘friendliest koi’. Think, ‘Strictly come dancing’ scoring, but judged on:

- How quickly your Clash of the Titans koi gets onto the food; and

- Enthusiasm for the food; plus

- Style points for confident feeding such as hand feeding

Judging of this ‘friendliest koi’ award will be subjective, and assessed by myself and Amanda; possibly with a young guest judge. Judging will be after a year and based on a video of the koi feeding in your pond.

As is the norm with our winter grow and show events… it's cheap to enter and we will provide a level of koi that we’d otherwise be growing on until the spring, providing you with the opportunity to pick up a koi of greater quality this autumn than would otherwise be available. Plus, there’s the fun of the competition awards too.

The last 2 years we've held the picking event at Byer Koi Farm, but the chances of us being able to hold a public event this autumn are low considering the C19 situation. If we can, we will. But please work on the expectation that the picking event will be us picking your koi and then having them available for collection on a click and collect basis, or shipping them to you.


Pricing for a team of 3 koi (one of each variety) is £60. Shipping if required is £25.

A standard entry will be 3 koi, one of each variety. If you want to take more or less koi, or adjust the mix of varieties in your ‘Clash Of The Titans’ team… then please register and indicate your preference, and if lots of people want this then we’ll enable it.

For entrants to consider

You will need to be able to take c.5 inch koi, in ambient water probably early November, and keep them warm over the winter.

To register interest

Please email us at ; or send an email through from the contact form on the right hand side. Please indicate if the standard 3 variety team is good for you, or if you prefer a different combo or a larger or smaller team.

Once on the registration list, you’ll receive further information and a link to place your order during the month of October.

And finally.....

Thank you for your interest in Byer Koi Farm.