And they're off - first attempt at spawning has started

Water temperature in fine today and started off two spawning sets this afternoon.

There's still a lot that could go wrong, not least the females I'm using are a little old for spawning for the first time. This whole project has been about balancing the risks along the way, and it's fingers crossed time.

Difficult to know whether they're ready for spawning too, and whether the sets I've put together are fertile. There re quite a few variables.

We'll see how they get on, and here are a few pics from today:

socking the fish into the spawning tanks

female and male kohaku; there's one more male in the tank too

female kohaku, and males sanke's - should produce sanke fry with some kohaku, and bekko

I went for a platted style of spawning brush orientation in the kohaku tank, and a looping style around the perimeter of the tank for the sanke spawning. just making use of different length spawning brushes and trying something different in each tank,