An important mid season 2 week period

We're in the middle an an important few weeks period in the middle of the season, where we need to turn around the fry ponds as quickly as possible, and also spawn again to produce new hatchlings to make use of them in the late season.

That means we've been exceptionally busy!

Our early season harvests have provided us with great growth in the fry, but much lower than average numbers and this theme was apparent again in the harvest of fry ponds 4 and 6 where we have been growing our Benikikokuryu hatchlings.

Despite the disappointing numbers, we have just enough to stock our own growing on ponds and also supply all the customers who pre ordered fry.

After that, we have a waiting list of people who want fry and we are continuing to spawn and harvest through the summer, probably all the way through to the end of September and possibly beginning of October for the last harvest.

This is our first proper harvest of Benikikokuryu and I've had a chance to look closely at the batch harvested from fry pond 4. It's an intriguing variety! Great shine across much of the fry and at this stage, that the main thing I'm looking for.

Here's a summary of the last 10 or so days, in the form of video blogs:

Spawning Trudy:

First pond of Benikikokuryu:

Showa and Kohaku egg rearing - major hatch!

And finally, yesterday's second Benikikokuryu pond harvest:

We are currently re-cycling the 2 ponds harvested, and 2 other ponds that we prepared a few weeks ago are just about ready for hatchlings now - so over the next few days we'll get the LMC Showa and Trudy Kohaku's out into their respective ponds.

In the other 2 ponds we have fry growing on and they are about a third of the way through their growing process to reach an inch. We have a bit of a mix in those ponds - as well as Sharkey Kohaku, we have a new line of Marudo Karashi's and a test spawning of Shusui and also a sample from a different Showa female that I'm testing out.

Next week will be more spawnings, probably the last ones of the year. So picking what we spawn is important! I still have Lava Rosa to spawn so she'll definitely be one in the spawning net! And I have 2 Benikikokuryu females that I'd like to try out. So, probably a mix of that type of thing.

Testing our new females is an important part of our process as we optimise our brood pairings. And pond space is always tight! Thankfully the fry we harvested this week grew to harvest size in just 28 days - which has given me the opportunity to re use those ponds with a mixture of tried and tested and also some test spawnings.