All England Young Koi Show

We enjoyed one of our most successful events at last weekend’s All England Young Koi Show, as we put on a stand at the show to advertise Byer Koi Farm and also sell our koi and meet new and existing customers - a landmark moment in the development of Byer Koi Farm.

It was the culmination of considerable efforts over the last few months to prepare, including commissioning artwork design for our stand and having the pop up display boards produced. And, also deciding how to best present ourselves to the visitors of the show.

The pop up stands were designed by David Brown – well known in the hobby, and also a graphic designer. So, a perfect combination and his artwork was brilliant! Lots of people commenting on a great looking stand.. and that is basically down to David. Thank you David!

Setting up... some of the guy around the show ground came to help us set our vats up

Friday night... the stand all set up, and ready to meet visitors when the show opened on the Saturday

At the end of the Saturday, the koi in the vat in this pic were all congregating in the perfect area for a picture - thanks to Les Bean who was standing around our vats at the time for helping us take this impromptu picture with the fish all in the right position!

Packing up time...

As well as the stand artwork, we also took a range of koi, showing off some of our nisai and also some very young kohaku and mukashi ogons… There were lots of dealers at the show selling their stock, and with so much competition... we were pleased that interest in our koi was at the top end of what I was hoping for.

We met lots of people... People who have not visited our farm, some have been following our blog and facebook page, and others had bought koi from us and had them delivered. For those people, we enjoyed sharing our story and showing off the quality we can put on across the full range of koi sizes and ages … And, feedback in the quality of our red’s and white’s was really good – the typical comment from people who see our koi in person for the first time is… wow, the red’s really look like they do in the photos! And.. that’s what we are working really hard to achieve.

We also met many people who had not yet heard about us… and, taking this great opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We were buzzing all weekend from all of this, and on Sunday morning.. we received some fantastic news …. that some ‘Adam Byer Koi’ exhibited by our customers in the show had won prizes, with Steven Johnson winning 1st and 2nd in size 1 kohaku and Mike Thompson winning 1st in size 1 tancho.

Steven Johnson’s best size 1 kohaku also won him some glassware! Placing as ‘Highly Commended’ in size 1 overall – that means it came 3rd out of all 24 koi in size 1 irrespective of variety… ie, his Adam Byer Koi beat 21 other koi to win that prize. And with such high quality koi being exhibited, that a special achievement and continues the trend over many years now, of our koi winning high end awards at competitive koi shows in the toughest of categories, that is Kohaku.

Steven's 'Highly Commended' award won him some a coveted piece of All England glassware!
We must thank the organisers of the All England show for giving us our stand space, and also for their support during the show and we look forward to returning for their next event.

Next up at Byer Koi Farm… we have our jumbo tosai release this weekend coming; and interest in that has been high. Our weekend is fully booked with customer visits. And following that, we will be focussing on this year’s spawnings.