Aka nissai update

I've been holding off adding any more fish to the females tank for growing on this summer - cautious from the last time I did that back in April when I suspect it led to Sharkey dropping her first batch of eggs this year ... too early!

So I spent last night moving a few fish around. Notably, the last set of tosai that I posted a week or two ago , that are now in the females tank and will be grown on to nissai.

I don't like to disturb fish during a growing on period, but have been increasingly intrigued as to how the June 16 spawning aka nissai are getting on. So I pulled up this fish from the June 16 spawning - last shown in this blog post:


At that time it measured 35.5cm, and last night it measured 43cm.

I'm sat in the kitchen, having a coffee. It's just gone 8am - and this weekend I'll be completing first selection that I started last weekend. I'll also update you on our final spawning later in the weekend.