Adam Byer Koi wins Best in Size 1 overall (across all varieties) at All England koi show

Another fantastic All England Show put on by the South East koi club, and this was our first outing there with a trade stand. And several of our customers had Adam Byer Koi in the show… some winning great awards, including the very prestigious best in size award for size 1. David’s size 1 kohaku not only winning 1st place in size 1 kohaku, but also beating every other koi across all the varieties in that size too. This is the second time we have won that award at the All England show, the last occasion being in 2016.

Mike Thompson also won 3rd in size 2 kohaku and 2ndin size 2 tancho. In a show with such tough kohaku competition, these results are also fantastic. And made all the better as these koi were purchased from us a year ago and grown on excellently to be in great condition to be able to compete successfully against some of the best Japanese koi that were at the show.

All these award winning koi were in our cheaper tosai tanks and each of them were purchased for less than £75 … This is also reassuring for us that we are able to offer koi at award winning quality, 'off the shelf' so to speak in our tosai sales tanks. it was the same situation for one of the baby champion awards won this year with Adam Byer Koi.

At our stand… we were very busy with people taking advantage of our show deals on the koi and also checking out our new food offerings.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Hello, from our stand at the 2019 All England Koi Show!

Our new food range...

David, who designed our logo and just recently the labelling on our new food range.

Here's Mike with his 'Best In Size Overall' trophy, taken with his size 1 kohaku.

And finally... a very important thank you. To Tony Thompson.. who helped on our stand through the whole weekend - from the set up day right until we were all packed up into our van at the end. Our customers also benefiting from Tony's deep knowledge and experience with koi.

Thank you Tony for your help over the weekend!