Adam Byer Koi wins BABY CHAMPION!

Adam Byer Koi wins BABY CHAMPION at last weekend’s Scotland Koi Show !!

This is our 5th baby champion award!

Congratulations to George MacRitchie who brought on a tosai kohaku from our 2018 ‘Sharkey’ spawning to win the award.

In addition , Kohaku from us won 1st in kohaku sizes 2, 3 and 4 ! And several other placings too.

Awards spread across 5 separate customers, as follows:

Baby Champion, George MacRitchie (out of 20 koi)
Size 2 Kohaku - 1st & 3rd, George MacRitchie (out of 4 koi)
Size 2 Kohaku - 2nd, Andrew Frew (out of 4 koi)

Size 3 Kohaku - 1st, Brian & Craig Caldwell (out of 3 koi)

Size 4 Kohaku - 1st, Abby Bain (out of 4 koi)
Size 4 Kohaku - 3rd, Willie Morland (out of 4 koi)

I am hoping to receive a better pic of the BC but even from the picture above, you can see the formidable head and body and the bright white skin 🙂 All traits of an Adam Byer Koi !

I am left wondering how close we were to a Young Champion award too... with Brian & Craig Caldwell and Abby Bain securing 1st places in sizes 3 and 4 Kohaku.. they could have been very close.

A little background on the koi. All the size 2 and 3 awards were won with koi from our 2018 'Sharkey' spawning. Willie Morland has some credit to take here, because he's the one who persuaded me to release some high potential tosai from our 2018 Sharkey spawning very early so they could be grown on through the spring and summer in their new homes. I agreed, but we limited the numbers... and out of 9 koi that we provided, 4 of them were exhibited at the show and all 4 of them won great placings including Baby Champ, and also 1st in size 3 kohaku. Not bad for koi that are just 14 months old!

The size 4 koi awards were won with Kohaku from different spawnings. Willie's one, an inazuma patterned Kohaku was from our late summer 2016 spawning, from our original Okawa female. This koi featured strongly in the 2017 Scotland Koi Show placing 2nd to the Baby Champion that year, and he's grown it to size 4 and it won 3rd in size 4 out of 4 koi this year. A great achievement, and Willie also tells me this koi was right at the bottom end of the size andgave away some volume to it's competitors, which the koi may be in a better position with next year. With already 2 awards won, we look forward to hearing how Willie develops this inazuma kohaku.

Finally, the 1st place in size 4 kohaku won by Abby Bain. Abby visited us earlier this year and picked up this strong 2 step kohaku at nisai, from the 2017 Rosie spawning. It's a koi with good potential, and he's grown it and developed it well over the spring and summer this year to achieve the 1st place in size 4 kohaku. A great result, and must surely have been close to consideration for the Young Champion award. This koi is still very young, and I have high hopes for this koi over the next few years as it matures.

Here's a stock picture I have of it when it was around 18 months old :

Thank you to all our customers for exhibiting their Adam Byer Koi. And for doing such a great job growing and developing them.