A week in the life of a koi farmer (wc 19_12)

More selections this week, as we need to thin out 3 of our growing on tanks.  Today it was time to review the Kohaku's from our new female, herself an offspring of S Legend.  And, also some of the doitsu ochiba's too.

It was just a week or two ago when we were covering the tanks, and today we uncovered them to carry out the seine netting and catch up all the koi, before wrapping them back up again!

Overall, another good selection performed today with some really good options in Kohaku and Doitsu Ochiba coming through for 2023; both in tosai for the spring...

... and also nisai later in the year, like these few stand out's:



Tomorrow will be the 2nd Kohaku growing on tank which has the Rosie babies, and then after that we have some work to do on the fry ponds...  which all need re-lining!