A week in the life of a koi farmer (wc 17_4)

It's getting busy!  We've started spawnings, there have been open days, the tosai release day, many koi packed and shipped, and we've also been open to the public Fri-Mon 10am-5pm during April which is proving very popular.

I've been finding the quickest way to share what's going on recently has been uploading short reels to our instagram account.  Here are some of the recent highlights from those, including some of our koi who've already got their new owner well trained (we know it's probably the other way around.... ), new Bristlenose Place's employed to keep our heated baby koi tanks clean... and, also lots of koi!

Lets start with our 'Hole in one' video, with footage provided by one new koi keeper who has been training the koi he received from us with great skill.  A slot on Britain's Got Talent beckons!



We've had a focus on Doitsu Karashgoi:



Also, a focus on the koi we've bred from Omosako Parents, Kujaku and Shiro Utsuri:



 And, our new Bristlenose Place's that are being put to work cleaning our baby koi fish tanks... which are heated by the way and conveniently sit at a perfect temperature for our new cleaning crew to operate perfectly.



 And finally, feeding the sales room:


This weekend we are open once again 10am-5pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and also Monday.  We've brought some new 6-8 inch Chagoi and Asagi stock into the sales room, and the 3-4 inch small koi mix are back in the sales room too.  These are perfect for your kids to pick through!