A few of my kohaku keepers

Went through the keepers and selected around 10 to 20% to move out of the growing on tank. Some had lost their colour. Others, I felt weren't a good use of tank space. But most made it through.

Sizes - the largest ones are 18cm. One hit 19cm on the scale. And I'm pretty happy with that. So plenty to choose from when I take a few to the SE show in a few weeks. The best ones are in the smaller / middle size which will be too small for showing this year; we'll just have to wait until 2014 to give them a run out.

Here are a few pics.

sashi and kiwa are not well refined. I should be worried about it. But - there's not much I can do! We'll just have to wait and see how these develop over the next few months . the fish at the top - possibly too much white (and not enough red) on the rear half. but lets see how the proportions of the patches of red balance off as the koi grows.

It's got a bit to do, but I think this is one to watch. the hi needs to pull apart a bit on the body, which I think will happen as the koi grows. I think the biggest risk pattern wise is what happens at the odome (the last bit of the body that the tail attaches to.) I'm keeping everything crossed that the red pulls pack from the tail...... (probably wishful thinking)

Lots of my kohaku babies have red in the pecs or tail - like the one on the left. it's infuriating! And not much I can do about it. I've noticed the red changes intensity and position and size in some of the babies - so I'm hanging onto them at this stage. I think the red will recede in many cases to a level that is tolerable for a nice looking pond fish - but it's going to hold them back on the showing side. The one in the middle of this picture - was featured in a post some weeks ago. http://adambyerkoihobbyist.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/the-smaller-keepers-are-coming-on-nicely.html

The kohaku bottom left - the hi has always looked a bit ropey each time I've spotted this fish during selections. but the red hasnt deteriorated, it's just stayed level. there's the window in the hi at the back of the head and I wish that would fill in. no red in the fins which is great. this could become an interesting one if the quality comes through.