a day of koi fun

The last couple of months has been very busy on the work front, and with a recent deadline met I was able to take a day off which I spent in the polytunnel selecting through fish.

The green vortex tank delivered once again, and selections on the late summer kohaku spawning are imminent - prep done today so i can select them tomorrow. We caught them up and moved them into a cage net where they'll stay overnight. And I'll start selections tomorrow.

This was the catch from the first netting, and we pulled up a similar load on the second netting. Light stopped play after than - but it looks like we have most of them now. Working against the clock, there was not time for dawdling; but there are a few that really stood out and caught our attention despite the rush. These snippets are such a tease - because as you well know - selecting through these fish is my first chance to get two year's experience in the same year from my star performing female kohaku.

Earlier in the day, before seine netting

The green vortex was holding more fish than I remembered putting in. It's like a tardis that thing. I pulled out two bowls worth of koi to go through - this is the first one.

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I don't have a picture of the second one, but here are some pics of the fish I am keeping - these guys went back into the vortex tank for further growing.