a couple more spawnings this weekend

Adjusting my approach to spawning slightly to see if I can make the process more efficient and cheaper too. Basically, using spare silage liner from the fry ponds to line the spawning vat. this should reduce the time it takes me to clean up after each spawning - and may help with the logistics of moving the hatchlings from the spawning vat to the fry pond.

Also, testing strips of silage liner as make do spawning ropes. Again, to save post spawning cleaning time. Plus it might be a nice way to pass eggs between hobbyists - would just need to cut some off!

Anyway - this is all ideas right now, and lets see how it pans out.

Lining the pond with silage liner will speed up the cleaning up stage, and might make it easier to share eggs with other hobbyists. I've suspended a mix of spawning brushes and rolled up strips of silage liner as a test.

The shiro bekko female, with goshiki male that I know has been involved in a successful spawning and kohaku male that I'm testing out. The main purpose for this spawning is to see if the female spawns rather than producing fry for rearing.
My prize winning Bekko. She's never spawned before, but I believe she has eggs so we'll see if she spawns this weekend.
The yamatoya kohaku female that I'm testing out for spawning next year; put togerher with two male momotaro sanke. Again, I'm not looking to rear the fry this time around, but will be interested in whether they spawn successfully, what the fertilisation rate is and so on.