3rd selection complete

Went through all the largest keepers, and there are around 100-150 that made it through. Selection ran late into the evening, and didnt get a chance to count them individually - or take individual pics. Photographed them in large groups so I have a record to look back on should any turn out well (fingers crossed!)

Average size is 10cm

Some of the decisions were really tough. We've ended up with a similar number of pretty, but not classically patterened kohaku that didnt make the cut, and these are now on ebay. And I've got a whole load from second selection that I really need to shift now... (also on ebay) - to create tank space for the fry coming through - because, the fry from the spawning a few weeks ago are already at first selection size. Yes, that's right - 3 weeks after spawning, they're 1 inch. Almost can't believe it myself. Gives me confidence that I'm learning how to cycle my fry ponds correctly.

If you saw my post from the spawning - there was some uncertainty about whether the fry came from kohaku or shusui eggs; both of which I deposited in the pond. Pretty sure the new fry are kohaku rather than shusui. Modest numbers of fry in the pond, and with limited tank space inside I may grow them onto second selection size outside before harvesting them.

Ok, back to the 3rd selection keepers.... Here are some pics of individual tancho that I've carved out of the larger group pics.

and, my "harry potter" tancho: