3rd in size 3 kohaku at the 2017 All England koi show!

Great result for us at the 2017 All England show! 3rd place out of 17 koi in the highly competitive size 3 kohaku class !!

Last year we did particularly well in sizes 1 and 2 at this show; but didn't place in sizes 3 and 4. This year, we've broken the duck in size 3 at the All England and that is a big step forward.

This kohaku is a female and from the June 16 spawning - that's with our 'Sharkey' female and the dianichi males.

Its one of the best growers from that spawning, and is one of my tips from that spawning for the future.

You can see better pictures of her on my previous blog post here:


And you can see what she looked like in April, here:


We call her the 'Map of England' kohaku because her pattern resembles the coastal bulges and indentations that make up the shape of the British isles.

Overall, we are extremely happy with the result. It's so difficult to place at the All England show , such is the level of competition. And, to come away with this placing, making it two years in a row that we've scored well at the All England, is brilliant.