1st selection - Sharkey 2018

We have made good progress on first selection of Sharkey's 2018 spawning. This year, with some help.

I've had offers of help from time to time, and with an overlap of jobs piling up - processing the product of our early summer spawnings, whilst at the same time running new spawnings... I decided to call up on some of that help.

We had help from Friday through to Sunday; the first couple of days of help was with kuroku of our 2nd showa spawning this season. And then on Sunday, Tony returned for a second day.. and joined David to help me with first selection of the Sharkey 2018 babies.

Here are some of the better ones.. picked out and I took some pics and video:


The signs are good with this spawning - a repeat of the 2016 Sharkey spawning. This time, we have 2 or 3 times the numbers we had a first selection back in 2016. So, this is a good start and we'll see how the spawning pans out over the next 6 months or so.